Much of our clothing proudly MADE IN THE USA in the State of IDAHO. When it comes to Texas Cowboy Pageant Attire and Gear nobody has more than Dallas Vintage Shop. 18th Century Clothing Cooperstown Trading Post provides everything you need for an authentic reenactment or rendezvous experience. Thanks. In the beginning of the Revolution there was no established American government or American money to purchase uniforms with since the British Crown ruled the colonies. Thanks for stopping by Seven Shots Trading Post! US war of Independence (revolutionary war era) century cotton shirts* We bring you three shirts in designs which were popular at the time of the American War of Independence. By David R Murphy. What a patriot soldier wore depended on: when they served dress evolved from regular clothes to actual uniforms during the 8 years of the revolution where they served continental uniform coat facing and trim color could vary by state regiment how they served uniforms and/or clothing differed among soldiers of continental army, state militia, foot soldier, musketeer or rifleman, horse soldier, artillery, or navy. Reenacting grew in popularity during the 1980s and 1990s, due in large part to the success of the 125th Anniversary reenactment near the original Manassas battlefield, which was attended by more than 6,000 reenactors. Stockings and Socks: Stockings, or hose, were worn with both knee breeches and trousers (figure 16). I do reserve the right to comment on any of the companies that I've dealt with. American Revolution Era Shirt Overcoat Adult Sizes M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL Militia Reenactment. Many of these are authentic reproductions of original trade goods which, prior to our production, had not been available for many years. For information about sponsorships, contact Kali Ellis at or call 281-4792421 x018. Representatives from the other major Texas Revolution sites will be on hand to share their parts in the story that ended with the Battle of San Jacinto. The regimental uniform of the continental line army. You can learn to dance or listen to musical performances. Unlike neckerchiefs, neck stocks were fastened around the neck with ties or a buckle. Taxes and shipping calculated at checkout. Over the course of the war (1775-1783), a Continental Line soldiers particular uniform and its trim depended on many factors: the actual availability of uniforms themselves or material fabrics for uniform construction; the particular regiment of the army where the patriot served; the capacity in which the soldier served (foot, artillery, rifleman, horse, navy), his rank, where he was located (colony, state, regiment) and during which period of the war he served (figure 3). Waistcoats: A waistcoat, the 18th century equivalent to a modern vest, was the part of a mans clothing worn over the shirt and under the coat or jacket. If you would like to see a particular Volunteering: a) British Regular Army (Grenadiers) b)American Continental Line, Figure 5. Socks were shorter than stockings and did not go over the knee. Nov 17, 2020 - Explore Steve Mitchell's board "Texas revolution reenactment" on Pinterest. Waistcoats were tailored to cover the waistband and the edges of the fall front of the breeches. Here you'll find all kinds of items related to reenacting everything from swords to tents to hand-sewn dresses. Depending upon the style, jackets may or may not have had a collar and cuffs. King of the Wild Frontier Davy Crockett is one of Texas most celebrated folk heroes. Therefore, the first patriot soldiers of the state or colonial militias wore their everyday clothes (figure 1). The dress coat was a formal garment constructed of the finest materials, finely tailored, and was often reserved for the social elite. Since the British Army traditionally wore predominately red uniforms (figure 5a), the American Continental Army chose uniforms that were predominately blue in color (figure 5b) to help provide some contrast. On the left in Figure 9, Color Guard Captain Frank Seidule wears a Continental Army uniform consisting of a tricorn hat, black neck cloth, blue coat with red facing, cuffs and collar, white ruffled shirt, white waistcoat, white fall front knee breeches and white gloves. WE ARE LIFELONG LEARNERS AND PURSUERS OF THE PAST. Both the comfort and safety of the color guardsmen are important considerations when walking or marching in a parade since period correct footwear can cause blisters or may not provide appropriate traction on modern surfaces. by SerenityByAlex. Since beginning in 1970, the goal of Crazy Crow Trading Post has been to provide the best quality products at fair and competitive prices, while bringing you the very best service in the industry. We have Costumes and Real Texas Cowboy Gear that is Impressively Showy and still rugged and durable. Association. Reenactments aren't just for men, of course. The fall front eliminated fly buttons and created a smooth fit across the front of the breeches that when wearing a full suite of clothes eliminated the visibility of buttons and created the silhouette of smooth lines. We have been in the wool clothing business since 1976 manufacturing all types of wool coats, wool jackets, wool vests, wool pants, cotton shirts, and more. and I'd never seen a glass powder horn before this. DFWs Largest, Full-Line, Open Year Round Costume Shop. Common buttons on waistcoats were cloth covered, thread wrapped, metal, leather, or horn. Another option is to hide the modern shoe by: 1) wearing gaiters that cover the lower leg and tops of the shoes; or 2) wearing trousers as part of the uniform that have facings that extend over the face of the shoe and are secured using either elastic or leather straps below the shoe. Please Call or Email us with questions on your Clothing order Delivery times. Many soldiers in the Continental Army were eventually issued uniforms. Crazy Crow offers a line of historically authentic ready-made early American clothing and accessories that generally spans the overall muzzleloader era (1740 - 1865). . Come for just one or stay all day! The knee-band was closed with a buckle, button, or drawstring pulled through the casing of the knee-band and was tied off. Please CALL us with all inquiries The shoe industry was thriving on the eve of the American Revolution in the Thirteen Colonies and shoes could have been bought readymade off the rack or custom made from local shoemakers. Search for: Providing Goods for Living History Re-enactors. Jackets are best described as a waistcoat with sleeves or a shortened version of a coat. Further Information: Ordering Information . Home; Shop by Category. Our Credits: Movies, National Parks, Units & More, Civil War Clothing & Reenactment Supplies Home Page. Jackets had a single or double breasted button front, the neckline was high and rounded, and had functioning pockets. San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site, This April, the San Jacinto Battleground will once again hear the booming of cannons, the cracking of musket fire, and the shouts of Remember the Alamo!. Food Vendors/Trucks Step back in time to revolutionary Texas! Military neck stocks of the American Revolution were also made of leather or horsehair. Many of these are authentic reproductions of original trade goods which, prior to our production, had not been available for many years. Please Call or Email us with questions on your Clothing wait time. Reenactors dressed in period clothing will make the epic events of April 1836 come alive, and reenactments at 11:00 and 3:00 will recreate the dramatic events that led to one of the most decisive and impactful military victories in the history of North America. It was the final chapter to six months of fighting and debate about the future of Texas. From his involvement in the Texas Revolution, his opposition to the Indian Removal Act, and his eventual death at the Battle of the Alamo, Crocketts perpetual fight for freedom makes him a great choice for educational historical chracter costumes. Reenactment, appropriately called "living history," also means living under the same conditions encountered during the past. Smash the patriarchy. Both coats and jackets were tailored to closely fit the body and were form-fitting. The highlight of a reenactment is usually a particular battle or historic event on which it is based. Where:San Jacinto Monument, One Monument Circle, La Porte, TX 77571 A man needed to wear a neckerchief or neck stock around his neck and over the collar of the shirt to be considered properly dressed by 18th century standards. The Continental Line, or Continental Army, was the first free-standing army sanctioned by the Continental Congress under the command of General George Washington in June, 1775. The Romans staged recreations of famous battles within their amphitheaters as a form of public spectacle. Remember the Alamo & Goliad - and more! We can custom make wool & cotton garments for you as well. Many cottage industries have sprung up to provide not only the materials but also the finished product for use by reenactors. When bivouac time rolls around, C&C Sutlery can provide you with an exact replica of the same candle lantern, camp stool, eating utensil, and even a completely stocked "housewife" to patch your uniform or sew on a button used by both Confederate and Northern troops during the Civil War. Historic Famous Texans Period Attire, 1800s Mary Ann Molly Goodnight, Texas Panhandle Rancher, Texas Folk Heroine, Darling of the Plains, always kind to ranch hands and animals. Vendors will need to provide their own generator. Step back in time to revolutionary Texas! The orderly book of the 6th Virginia Regiment provides additional details: a hunting shirt well-made and short to come below the waistband of the breeches and were to be cuffed and caped with red. Trousers were a popular garment among the working class and sailors, and typically in length went down to just below the calf or above the ankle. Click on image. Members of the San Antonio Living History Association, using authentic flintlock muskets, long rifles and cannon of the combatants, dress in uniforms and clothing of the 1830s. American Revolutionary War Uniforms in 1775. Schedule: We have Fancy High Quality Theatrical Cowboy Outfits and Texas Cowboy Theme Party Attire. We sell products for the Reenactor who partakes in rendezvous or historical events in the Renaissance, SCA, F&I, American Revolution, War of 1812, Mountain Man, Longhunter, Trekker, Civil War and Indian War time periods. C&C Sutlery even carries old fashioned "Lucifer matches" in authentic Civil War period boxes. For information about the museums fees and attractions, visit The hunting shirts used by the 2nd Virginia Regiment in 1775 were dyed purple. Examples of cockades worn on hats. The San Jacinto Museum, located in the base of the San Jacinto Monument, will be open to visitors. Dallas Vintage Shop HALLOWEEN 2022 HOURS: 10-7 Mon-Sat, Sundays12-6. Battle of San Jacinto Reenactment: American Heritage Clothing. For purposes of the SAR Color Guard, a simple black tricorn will suffice. Neck Coverings: Neckerchiefs and neck stocks were the 18th century version of the modern necktie. Trousers were usually tailored looser and baggier than that of the fit of breeches (figure 14). Civilian hats ranged from the very simple and cheap to the extravagant trimmed in gold or silver lace, dressed with a cockade, and sometimes adorned with ostrich feathers. Note: Michaels outer garment, typically a hunting shirt, is not being worn in this photo. Common buttons on both breeches and trousers were cloth covered, thread wrapped, metal, leather, or horn. The Battle of San Jacinto and the surrender of General Santa Anna will come to life during the battle reenactment! Recipes from the Past #2; In return, I don't take any responsibility for their The length of shirts tended to be long, about mid-thigh to just below the knee in length, because a shirt was not just worn in the day but also doubled as a nightgown. City of Deer Park Typically reaching to below the knees, greatcoats/surtouts had a collar, a cape (or capes) to shed the rain, large cuffs, and a slit in the back to allow for riding a horse. $22 $14 19:52:00. ITS OUR PRIVILEGE TO USE OUR EXPERIENCES AND RESEARCH TO BRING REENACTORS, MUSEUMS, PRODUCTION COMPANIES, HISTORIANS, HISTORIC INTERPRETERS, AND HOBBYISTS ALIKE ARTIFACTS THAT TELL THE STORY OF OUR ANCESTORS. Colonial Army Uniform Colonial Militia Uniform, Figure 2. The following information on patriot uniforms is from the Society of the Sons of the Revolution in the State of California website. These were waistcoats made primarily of light-weight warm wool, and worn under the standard waistcoat, or sometimes under the shirt. Coats and Jackets: Coats and jackets were the types of outer garments worn by men in the 18th century. A cockade is a knot of ribbons, or other circular- or oval-shaped symbol of distinctive colors which is usually worn on a hat as a badge of office. We are in the process of redesigning our site so please bear with us! Commonly trousers were made of linen, wool, cotton, or fabric blends. The army is dedicated to the purposes of perpetuating the memory of those early Texas patriots who worked and fought as the first army of the Republic of Texas. Our period clothing is based on historical research and is made from authentic fabrics that match the era. You might attend a Civil War fashion show or a colonial sewing circle. Since beginning in 1970, the goal of Crazy Crow Trading Post has been to provide the best quality products at fair and competitive prices, while bringing you the very best service in the industry. Click on any image to view the photo gallery. The Second Battle of Wakefield Classic T-Shirt. Historic Famous Texans Period Attire, 1800s Mary Ann "Molly" Goodnight, Texas Panhandle Rancher, Texas Folk Heroine, "Darling of the Plains," always kind to ranch hands and animals. 4:00 p.m.: Santa Annas Surrender Reenactment. You can also shop at a reenactment in a special area called the "sutlers' camp." American Revolution Era Shirt Overcoat Adult Sizes M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL Militia Reenactment. Every customer receives special focused attention to their project. Historic Reenactor Clothing, Accoutrements, Gear & Other Supplies Your Reenactor HQ for Authentic Period Shirts, Pants, Moccasins, Hats, Apparel & Gear! White and buff colored waistcoats. Shirts were pullover style and only closed at the collar and did not have plackets or buttons down fronts like shirts from later time periods. Just like the traveling Sutler that plied his goods during the Civil War; when you need Civil War period clothing, Union Army Uniforms, Confederate (CSA) Uniforms, authentically reproduced Civil War era tents, reproduction Civil War weapons, Civil War buckles & breastplates, perfectly reproduced Civil War buttons, and Civil War Period Accessories, C&C Sutlery has just what you need. Shirts were closed with buttons, linen or thread ties, or combination of buttons and linen or thread loops. Socks were made from the same materials as stockings with the exception of finer materials such as silk, and the process for making socks was different but very similar. The American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), was the culmination of the political American Revolution, whereby the colonists overthrew British rule. At a typical reenactment, you'll also see women and children in period costume. Figure 14. Stockings came up over the knee and were secured with cloth or leather garters that either tied or buckled. The name refers to the two main enemies of the British: the royal French forces and the various American Indian forces allied with them. San Jacinto Museum: Figure 18. Quality, Quantity & Diverse Costumes, NOW HIRING: Costume Shop Employment; Dallas Vintage Shop, Dallas Best & Largest Costume Shop & Vintage Clothing Store. Knee breeches have adjustable backs knee breeches (right. Trousers were a popular garment among the working class and sailors, and typically in length went down to just below the calf or above the ankle. Reenactors dressed in period clothing will make the epic events of April 1836 come alive, and reenactments throughout the day will recreate the dramatic events that led to one of the most decisive and impactful military victories in the history of North America. Other Activities/Food: Men would almost never be caught in public just wearing a shirt and an un-sleeved waistcoat with no coat or jacket worn over. Detailed attention to authenticity in design and construction is given equally as well to headgear, footwear, eyewear, camp gear, accoutrements, military equipment, weapons and so on. C & D Jarnigan: 18th c clothing and accessories. Victorian, Living History 5 out of 5 stars (127) $ 110.00. Common types of buttons used on shirts tended to be made of thread, horn, cloth covered, metal, or leather. In the nineteenth century, historical reenactments became widespread, reflecting the romantic interest in the Middle Ages of the times. Individual Volunteers Everything is as authentic as participants can make it, from uniforms and weapons to the battle formations. Spectators head to a field or viewing area to watch the reenactors gather and fight "the" battle. UPDATE: Covid 19 Pandemic Face Masks Policy: DALLAS VINTAGE SHOP: Coronavirus Policies, Why Shop Dallas Vintage Shop? Go to our DFW Events Calendar to read more. We ship all over the world. Smoke & Fire is a leading provider of reenactment clothing, reenactment supplies of the Colonial period and War of 1812. Under-waistcoats were typically closed down the front with cloth ties or lacing through hand worked grommets opposed to buttons and buttonholes. oysters and alcohol reaction, hamilton county unsolved murders, woolworths injury claims,